ObamaCare - the Chicago way
OK, we have this little problem, so what must we do to make sure every american gets screwed ?

We need about 8 more Senators and 20 more Representatives, so we'll give each of them a $10 Million dollar "earmark"
which will be an outright "Healthcare Impact Study" grant which has no reporting  and they can put it in their wife's newly formed business account with the assurance that our Attorney General Holder will never have any questions about them ...

Next, we will implement ALL new taxes created in the ObamaCare package immediately and not start the actual programs until after the 2012 elections - this will give us a 5 year advance of tax revenue windfall before the money starts "disappearing" into the black hole of government run healthcare, and should generate some $ 400 Billion to get our Universal Healthcare Plan going ..

Then, Congress can pass a couple "Medicare Reform" bills in the amount of $ 300 - $ 400
and we will later grab the funds within the new Universal ObamaCare plan to complete our front end costs without having to deal with the public and all those pesky questions ....

Now, let me be perfectly clear that the "earmarks" and any other expenditures will not be scored by the Congressional Budget Office because we will not attach them until after CBO scoring is completed on the final version of ObamaCare which will be worked out in closed door sessions with selected left wing members of Congress ...

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